Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After the Gold Rush

This song is extremely poetic, prophetic and hauntingly beautiful. Don't think that the lyrics about "Knights in Armor" and "a Queen" dates it in any way. It could be tomorrow that the military has full containment power armor with life support, defense, and weaponry for any environment or foe.
Don't think it's not possible that an all out nuclear war could really happen. NOW. Even conventional war or civil unrest could leave "a burned out basement" to take refuge in anytime, anywhere.
The "chosen ones" to me are lottery winners that determine who "The loading had begun" were. Some family units were split. Sacrifices made.. to fly "mother natures Silver seed to a new home in the sun".
We already have the physics to actually support life "in the sun".
If you are one of us, you understand the prophecy here...