Saturday, April 19, 2014

Very Odd Stuff

Rainbow Ants
Check the following ants who have filled their abdomens with colorful food stuff. These rainbow ants are natural and are a result of amazing experiment carried out by  Mohamed Babu  who captured these photographs when her wife realized that some ants had turned white after drinking split milk.
ants.2antsLink: DailyMail
Cute Caterpillars: 
This caterpillar is just cute…. but it is not actually a caterpillar… it is a flock of birds sitting closest to each other to survive in harsh winter.  The images were photographed and presented on net and became viral within few hours.
Link: TIC
World’s Fluffiest Bunny:
Yes this Angora Rabbit is in fact world’s fluffiest bunny  that seems like a bundle of cotton instead of a real bunny.
angora-rabbit-4[3]Link: OestTV
Tinny Baby Chameleons:
These cute and tinny baby chameleons are very odd and people like to keep them in their house as pets.
Link: Pinterest